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Mini Foldable Electric Bike With Back Seat

Mini Foldable Electric Bike With Back Seat

Mini foldable electric city street pocket bike Unfold size: 105*99*65cm Fold size: 93*53*37cm Weight: 18kg Max load: 120kg Max speed: 25km/h Mileage: 35--130KM Grade ability: 30 Battery: 36V 8A lithium Motor: Brushless 250w Package: 108*80*22cm Electric bike has many advantages.It is the least...

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Product Details

                  Mini Foldable Electric  Bike with back seat

Product Description:


*Max Speed:25km/h


*Max Tilt:Around 18°


*Battery:36v 8Ah


*Highest power:250w


*recharge mileage:30km


*Max load:120kg


*Folding Size:600*300*700(mm)


*Expand the dimensions:1000*550*800(mm)


*Charging voltage:AC100-240V 50-60HZ


*Braking mode:Front:drum brake,Behind:ABS brakes

Electric bike has many advantages.It is the least expensive way of traveling apart from walking.If you travel by bicycle,you don't have to buy gas as you must when you drive cars.Besides,it develops much less mechanical troubles than a car.

Electric bike is especially good for health.It is good exercise.If you go to work by riding a bicycle instead of driving or taking a bus,you can have a better chance of getting enough exercise you need everyday.Bicycling is also good for our environment.It is less noisy and does not pollute the air.

This kind of bike is getting more popular because of air pollution and heavy traffic.You will need it finally!