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Characteristics of electric balancing vehicles

- Apr 27, 2017 -

The design of two-wheeled self-balance electric vehicle has the following characteristics:

Green environmental protection. Electric vehicles using battery power supply, the environment is totally non-polluting, absolutely green and environmentally friendly, and can be used repeatedly charging. And the high efficiency of the motor, the noise is low efficiency, so it reduces the noise pollution and saves the energy.

The turning radius is very small, basically approaching 0. This is ideal for use in a small space. For example: Large-scale shopping malls, trails, talent market, workshop and so on.

No brake system, by the gyro detection angular speed signal, the accelerometer detection angle signal, and then fused to get two wheels of electric balancing vehicle precise angle signal, the last transmission to SCM, so that the SCM PWM module control Two wheels of electric balancing motor vehicle positive and negative rotation. This avoids both energy wastage and the abrasion of the brake pads. The traditional car may also have a brake not in the time, this situation in the two rounds of electric balancing car do not worry.

Control is extremely convenient, only through the body before and after the tilt can change the two wheels of electric balance car forward backward and operating speed, more than the traditional car convenient and flexible.

In real life two rounds of electric balancing vehicles have been used in some special industries, like the 2008 Olympic Games during the streets of Beijing in the "Segway."

When the police encounter suspicious circumstances, it can react very quickly to effectively improve work efficiency.

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