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Knowledge of fire protection for electric bicycles

- Apr 27, 2017 -

Often check the electric bicycle circuit plug contact, to prevent contact to cause contact point of fire, fever, avoid line aging, wear and short-circuit caused by the occurrence of electrical accidents. Electric vehicles in the normal use of the process, the failure to choose professional maintenance agencies or personnel, do not arbitrarily dismantle electrical protection devices to ensure that electrical wiring and protection devices are in good condition and effective. Electric bicycle batteries will run out of flammable gases, so charging must not in a narrow, sealed environment, should be done outdoors, or the battery removed separately charging. When charging to choose the right line, the wiring should be fixed installation, to add short-circuit and leakage protection device.

Electric vehicle charge must be far away from flammable goods, can not charge the time too long, charging too long, the charger overheating easily trigger fire, charging should be according to the specifications of the charging, charging time in principle must not exceed 10 hours. When charging, the charger should be placed in relatively easy to heat the place; if the battery of the electric bicycle is inferior or long used, the temperature of the charger is easy to be high, triggering a fire, so it can not be taken lightly when the night sleep time.

In the course of the electric bicycle in the start, climbing should pedal to help to prevent the start-up of excessive current, the mechanical work long time overload, causing the motor coil, line, battery and governor overheating damage, even disaster. To try to avoid the rainy days, stagnant road, in case of motor water, charging short-circuit fire.

In addition, the purchase of electric vehicles, should be preferred lithium batteries. It has large capacity, low consumption, less pollution, second lead acid dry battery, it is good sealing, not easy leakage electrolyte, must prevent the electrolyte leakage caused by pollution, corrosion and damage. Buy electric vehicles also need to see the product specifications and follow the instructions, but also to choose the electric car, charger, motor model, specifications matching battery.

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