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Method and skill of electric balancing vehicle

- Apr 27, 2017 -

1. The traditional lead-acid batteries that must be powered by lithium-are unable to satisfy the demand for power supply. Push the balance car is easy to lose the balance of the reversing event, so those brand balance car are used in the lead-acid batteries, it is clear that such a balanced vehicle performance is low, only suitable for leveling slowly riding, not suitable for climbing, grassland and other harsh environment. In addition many manufacturers in order to save costs without lithium battery protection plates (value 500-1000) are prone to risk. Generally large balance car batteries with protective plates price between 4000-6000. The battery price of the car is 2000-4000. Please consult carefully when purchasing.

2. Comfort of a lot of balancing car is very poor, such as the platform easy to shake, serious will shake violently, there is a clear gap (difficult to keep in situ), turning easy to float, the speed of a very easy to flash out of people, very dangerous. You need to pay attention when purchasing.tob_id_4893

3. Scalability this is the current trend, with the introduction of mobile app, balancing vehicles will also become a mobile hardware platform, become an important gateway to the Internet, the current concept of the app explicitly and make significant progress is the le-line body sense car.

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