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Precautions for electric balancing vehicles

- Apr 27, 2017 -

Before driving an electric balancing car, you need to check whether the components of the smart balancing vehicle are firmly installed and not damaged.

Need to find a more spacious flat site for driving practice, at least 4m * 4m area, indoor and outdoor can.

There is a need to make a thorough understanding of the surrounding driving environment, and to ensure that it is not disturbed by automobiles, pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other obstructions.

Need a skilled assistant to be next to; The assistant needs to be skilled in the operation of electric balancing vehicles and familiar with all the precautions and driving methods in the driving manual.

Cannot be run on a smooth, slippery venue.

Need to wear safety helmets and protective gear to avoid possible damage.

Twist the direction of the joystick on the height adjustment knob to adjust the direction of the joystick to the height you feel fit to ensure that you can comfortably hold the handle.

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