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Safety of electric bicycle riding on the way

- Apr 27, 2017 -

1. In the start-up of vehicles, should be slow to accelerate, lest the instantaneous rapid acceleration caused by the excessive waste of electricity, auxiliary pedal start-up is better.

2. In order to battery, motor maintenance, in the vehicle start-up, climbing, please use the pedal help.

3. In order to ensure the safety of the premise, the driving way should be used as far as possible economic speed. and minimize frequent braking, frequent start-up to save power.

4. Driving should avoid the brakes after the rotation of the phenomenon, lest the motor excessive overload and damage other parts.

5. The vehicle controller is equipped with overload protection function, which will automatically cut off the power supply when the overload is restored to normal, the power supply is automatically switched on.

6. The maximum load weight of the vehicle 100Kg (including riding body weight). Please do not overload.

7. As far as possible on the muddy or uneven road to drive with the manpower.

8. When you find electricity and cannot drive, you should shut down the power to ride, lest damage electrical appliances.

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