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To avoid the misunderstanding when purchasing electric scooter

- Apr 27, 2017 -

Myth 1: The heavier the Mass is better

Only the size as small as possible, weight as light as possible, to facilitate users in the bus and subway use. This is especially important for female users. Many electric scooters have folding functions, folding can be portable, in the purchase of this design should be especially concerned, otherwise bought back the electric scooter may become idle. The heavier the volume will become a burden.

Myth # 2: The Faster the better

Many people think that the speed of electric scooter is certainly the sooner the better, actually not. As a kind of electric driving vehicle, the optimum speed of electric scooter should be between 18~23km/h. Less than this speed is difficult to play the actual role of transport, more than this speed will bring security risks.

Myth 3: Slow speed, so brake not important

The speed of the electric scooter is still the power drive, belonging to the motor vehicle. Brake buttons can be automatically cut off the power supply, emergency brakes can be physically in the way to quickly stop the car, these small details look inconspicuous, at the critical moment but can save your life. When purchasing must focus on the brakes.

Myth Four: The effect of shock absorber

In order to have a better ride experience, shock absorbers are necessary, otherwise riding 20 minutes of the foot hemp is you. Some electric scooters are built-in and rear shock absorbers. No main is relying on the car tire to shock, air tire shock absorber effect is better, solid tire shock effect is relatively inferior to air tires, but the advantage is not to burst tires. You can choose according to personal preferences.

Myth 5: Similar to the modelling

The modelling of electric scooter is different. Some electric scooter, although the quality is superior, but its bulky vigorous shape is really prohibitive. It is recommended that when purchasing, according to personal preferences, carefully selected. If the electric scooter is cool enough

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