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xiaomi folding scooter

- Jul 17, 2018 -

Product Details of xiaomi folding scooter

Maximum climbing degree: about 14%

Applicable terrain: cement, asphalt pavement, flat soil pavement, no more than 1cm steps, no more than 3cm wide channel
Chassis height: about 87.5mm
Protection class: IP54

Energy system
Energy structure: 30 18650 high power imported lithium battery unit
Driving mileage : 30 km
Charger rated power: 71W
Charger rated input voltage: 100-240V ~, 50 / 60Hz
Battery charge limit voltage: 42V
Charging time: about 5 hours
Smart Battery Management System: Temperature Abnormal / Short / Undervoltage Auto Sleep / Overcurrent / Dual Overcharge / Dual

Overcharge Protection
Standard power consumption : 100 km power consumption 1.1kW • h



Brake distance : dry ground 4 meters
Braking method: regenerative brake and disc brake brake combination
Tire Material: Inflatable Rubber Tires

Lighting system
Front light: 1.1W high brightness front lighting
Taillights: LED taillights
Power indicator: 4 LED indicators
Mode switch indicator: the bottom of the power indicator, in the display of white when the normal mode, when the green display for the energy-saving mode

Riding request
Energy-saving mode: the highest speed of 18km / h, to accelerate more gentle, suitable for beginners familiar with riding
Applicable age: 16 to 50 years old
Applicable height
 : 120 ~ 200cm

Maximum load: 100kg

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